Mailing Address

Fairview Seniors Community
515 Langs Drive
Cambridge, ON   N3H 5E4

Phone: 519.653.5719
Fax: 519.650.1242

Management Contacts

Leadership Team

Heather Congdon, Executive Director
519.653.5719 ext. 4838

Sherri Toleff, Director of Care, LTC
519.653.5719 ext. 4401

Michelle Kiviranta, Assistant Director of Care, LTC
519.653.5719 ext. 4902

Maliha Kamel,  Retirement Coordinator
519.653.5719 ext. 4620

Lorna Chisholm, Clinical Coordinator – Home & Community Care
519.653.5719 ext. 4206

Stephanie Silva, Resource & Scheduling Coordinator – Home & Community Care
519.653.5719 ext. 4619

Brenda Evans, IPAC Practitioner
519.653.5719 ext. 4402

Niamh Brown, Director, Spiritual Care & Culture
519.653.5719 ext. 4250

Brent Morrison, Director, Hospitality Services
519.653.5719 ext. 4477

Sylvia Tsandelis, Director, Food Services
519.653.5719 ext. 4301

Amy Kavelman, Director, Programs & Services
519.653.5719 ext. 4602

Sarah Mackie, Housing Coordinator
519.653.5719 ext. 4887

Long-Term Care Charge Nurse
519.653.5719 ext. 4413

Retirement Home Charge Nurse
519.653.5719 ext. 4201

Resource Team

Elaine Shantz, MA (Leadership)
President and Chief Executive Officer
519.653.5719 ext. 0

Brent Martin, CPA CMA
Chief Financial Officer

Steve Pawelko
Director, Operations

Chris Brissette
Director, Land & Building Services

Erna Koning
Director, Policy Legislation Strategy

Michelle Rak
Director, Clinical Services

Alena Volkova
Associate Director, Clinical Services

Breann Hall, Director, Retirement & Community Care
519.653.5719 ext. 4617

Alex Normandeau
Executive Assistant

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