New Year Greetings

January 5, 2023

Dear Community, Family and Friends

Happy new year!

Over the holidays our hearts were full of the spirit of the season and the joy of bringing back holiday traditions. Thank you so much to everyone who donated, sorted, wrapped and delivered gifts to residents. I cannot tell you how moving it has been to see residents and staff enjoying sing-alongs, building gingerbread houses, participating in Christmas pageants and celebrating the season with a wonderful dinner. You can share these special moments through the many photos and videos on Have a Fairview’s and Parkwood’s Facebook sites.

I want to share a huge thank you to our team who continue to return to the enriched life and sense of community that define our homes, while also dealing with meeting the challenges of COVID as it becomes part of our new ‘norm’.

We now welcome 2023 with great anticipation. It is a time of new beginnings and exciting opportunities. We will publicly celebrate becoming one of Canada’s Most Admired Cultures on March 1. We will honour two significant anniversaries – 80 years for Fairview and 60 years for Parkwood! We will also see many years of planning come to life as two new building projects move forward with the six-storey Delphine and Lloyd Martin apartment building at Parkwood (follow our progress here) and the expansion of Fairview’s long-term care home to more than double its current size!

We couldn’t do this without you – our community of residents, families, friends and our committed, kind team. I am humbled and proud to lead Fairview Parkwood Communities into this exciting new year.

In kindness,

Elaine Shantz

President and CEO